No doubt, QuickBooks is a fantastic software, but at the same time it can’t be denied that it is prone to certain errors. One such error that is often reported by the users is the QuickBooks error code 15240. This error can be pretty much annoying for the QuickBooks desktop users. It is basically an update error that can trouble the user while updating the QuickBooks desktop or also at the time of updating the payroll software. It can also be seen when there is mis-configuration with internet explorer settings, time and date settings, etc. This error code is always accompanied by any of the two error messages:

QuickBooks error 15240: HRESULT XXXXX the QuickBooks updated did not complete successfully

QuickBooks error 15240: HRESULT XXXXX the payroll update did not complete successfully


The user might also encounter any of the below errors while updating the QuickBooks Desktop or downloading a payroll update,

  • “File exists: The file you specified cannot be opened. Make sure that it is not being used by another program”
  • “Internet connection error: unknown error”

What is QuickBooks payroll error 15240 and why it occurs?

To understand it better, we can say that, QuickBooks error 15240 is an update error that can appear when the user tries to download any update for the software. This error might also hamper the work, and can be encountered often. There can be a handful of factors leading to such an error, which we will be elaborating later in this article. Considering the trouble that the users are facing, we have come up with this post, where we will be talking about the ways to resolve the payroll update error 15240.

Thus, make sure to read this post carefully till the end. Moreover, an alternate solution for the same can be to get in touch with our QuickBooks payroll customer support team. Contacting us will help you in getting rid of this error without any hassle. So, feel free to call us anytime, as we will be happy to help you.

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Triggers to the QuickBooks error 15240

As we mentioned above, there can be a couple of causes to this error. Let us have a look at some of the common factors leading to the error:

  • The user is not using the latest version of QuickBooks
  • Or the user has logged in as a windows admin or you are not running the application as an admin
  • In case the download link that has been specified is incorrect or the invalid but the download is active
  • Another factor causing this error can be if the user is using the QuickBooks multi-user mode in a terminal service setting
  • The user might also face this error in case of damaged windows or corrupted registry files
  • Damaged QuickBooks update can also be another issue.

Signs and symptoms of QuickBooks error 15240

In order to identify the QuickBooks error code 15240, it is important for the user to check out the signs and symptoms enlisted below:

  • The very first sign can be if the QuickBooks is not able to install the latest update
  • Or the payroll update has failed
  • If the user is unable to do payroll

This error usually ends in hindering the payroll update, and also as a consequence of this error the system crashes frequently. The windows might also run sluggishly and do not or give the slightest response to the mouse and keyboard inputs. It might also freeze for a few seconds, which can be annoying as hell for the users.

Consequences of QuickBooks error 15240

QuickBooks payroll provides the payroll updates to the customers, and gives the current and correct rates and calculations. So, if the user is unable to transfer the most recent payroll update, then the wage of the worker created by the software might not be accurate. Or the user might also face certain irregularities resulting in hampering the productivity of the business. It is very important for the user to ensure that the correct and timely payment of salaries are made.

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Methods to fix the QuickBooks error 15240

There can be a couple of solutions that the users can perform to fix the QuickBooks error code 15240. Let us check out each of the methods one by one:

Method 1: Run your QuickBooks as admin rights

Many times, users needs to access the QuickBooks using the admin credentials, and in case the user has not logged in as admin, then it is probable to encounter the error. The user needs to carry out the steps below:

  • The very first step is to visit the QuickBooks icon on the desktop and right click the same
  • After that, the user needs to select the Run as Administrator option.
Run QuickBooks as Administrator - Screenshot 1
  • After that open the properties and check the compatibility for all users.
Running QuickBooks as Administrator-screenshot

Method 2: Verifying the Internet explorer settings

In case running the QuickBooks as admin doesn’t work, then the user can verify the internet explorer settings. The steps involved in this process are as follows:

  • To begin with that, the user needs to choose the gear icon and then select the Internet options
  • After that, the user needs to navigate to the advanced tab
  • And then, under security tab, the user needs to mark Use SSL 2.0 and Use SSL 3.0
Reviewing on the Internet Explorer settings -Screenshot
  • The last step in this process is to select Apply and then hit OK button.

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Method 3: Checking the third-party firewall

The user can also check the third-party firewall settings to get rid of this issue, as many times the firewall might hinder smooth communication of the software with other files. The steps involved in this process are as follows:

Third party firewall-screenshot
  • The user needs to consult the developer of the third-party firewall for instructions on the process to adjust the settings and permit QuickBooks to download and install updates
  • Also, ensure the following files are having the access to go through the firewall
    • Qbw32.exe
    • Qbupdate.exe
  • The user is also supposed to verify that the ports 80 and 443 are not disabled
QuickBooks Firewall Port (Create a New Rule) - Screenshot

Method 4: Checking the system date and time settings

System Date and Time Settings - Screenshot
  • For this, the user is supposed to select the time display on the system and then select the change date and time settings
  • After that, set the correct date and time
  • And also, choose the Apply and OK options

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Method 5: Reinstalling the software using clean install tool

This process can help the user in clearing all the junk that might have accumulated over the period of time with continuous use. The user must ensure to have a complete backup of the company file, in order to avoid any kind of data loss. The steps involved to perform a clean install of QuickBooks desktop are as follows:

  • Firstly, uninstall the QuickBooks desktop from the system
  • Renaming the installation folders by downloading and running the QuickBooks clean install tool
Clean Install Utility - Screenshot
  • And then, reinstall the QuickBooks software

You can also run clean install tool using directly from QuickBooks tool hub.

Method 6: Adding Windows permissions to QuickBooks installation folders

Adding Windows permissions to QuickBooks installation folders - Screenshot

This is the last method, where the user can add the windows permissions to QuickBooks installation folders in order to fix the error, by carrying out the steps below:

  • The very first step is to close QuickBooks
  • And then, the user needs to visit the C:\Program Files\. And for 64 bit uses, C:Program files (x86)
  • The next step is to right click the intuit folder and then choose the properties option
  • Now, move to the security tab and then select advanced option
  • The user needs to ensure that the owner of the folder is the user group. If not, then the user will be required to take ownership of the Intuit folder, by carrying out the steps below:
    • The user needs to select change beside the owner name on the advanced security settings window
    • And then, type users in the enter the object name to select field, and also select the check names
    • The next step is to hit OK button
    • And also, mark replace owner on sub-containers and objects
    • Once done with that, hit Apply and OK tabs
    • Also, select the users on the permissions window and then click on the full control option
    • The user is also supposed to select the apply and OK tab
  • The user should try downloading the updates, and if the error repeats, then carry out the above steps for the following folders:
    • C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intuit
    • (64-bit users) C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intuit
    • C:\ProgramData\Intuit
    • C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Local\Intuit

Method 7: Verifying that the security software settings are tuned in correctly

Verifying that the security software settings are tuned in correctly -screenshot

Often the security software and anti malware software might interfere with the working of QuickBooks, resulting in such an error. The user will have to ensure to configure the settings of the software, and make the process smooth in QuickBooks.

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Expert assistance is just a call away!

Carrying out the above steps can help you in getting rid of the QuickBooks payroll error 15240 up to a great extent, whereas if something is still troubling you, then do not think much in calling us anytime. Connect with us right away using our dedicated customer support line i.e. 1-800-761-1787 and speak to our QuickBooks enterprise customer support team.

We are a hub of certified accounting professionals, who work round the clock to provide the best possible support services to users across the world. So, feel free to contact us and reach out to us with any of your QuickBooks query, as you will definitely get the most satisfied answer to your query here!


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