Get to know the easiest steps to rectify QuickBooks won’t open your company file issue like a Pro

QuickBooks is a handy tool for a company when it comes to handling accounting and bookkeeping tasks. And it certainly would be frustrating if a company file wouldn’t open company file in QuickBooks Desktop – but don’t worry, it isn’t anything rare. Therefore, in this blog post we are going to learn troubleshooting this general issue. If you tried opening your company file but it failed to open, the troubleshooting steps provided further in this post will help you.

In this article, we are going to discuss about all the causes, symptoms and a few quick methods to fix QuickBooks can’t open the company file error. However, if you feel any need of technical guidance while performing the troubleshooting steps given here, then feel free to reach out to our accounting experts.

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Why does company file not opening error occurs in QuickBooks desktop?

At times, while working on QuickBooks software, you may stumble upon an error message that says “QuickBooks can’t open company file error”. This error may crash your running program or freezes your screen and also you might loss any of your unsaved accounting data. There are various error messages associated to this company file. The different forms of such error messages that may appear on the screen are as follows:

QuickBooks company file stopped respondingYou can’t access company files
QuickBooks can’t access company files.QuickBooks not responding when opening company file

What can cause QuickBooks not Responding error when opening company file?

One or more of the following causes may be stalling your company file from opening in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Damaged or corrupted QuickBooks company file.
  • The file is already open on another computer on the same network.
  • One of the basic factors can be if you are not following the right path or method to open the file.
  • QuickBooks version and file are not compatible.
  • Incorrect company file name can also lead to such an error.
  • Another possible trigger is your company file name is exceeding more than 32 alphabets. (It should be under 32)

Signs and symptoms of QuickBooks not responding or can’t open company file error

  • You may not be able to open your company file after multiple tries.
  • Sudden shutdown of your system, while trying to accessing the company file.
  • Another sign can be, your system will respond very slow.
  • An error message will repeatedly pop-up on your screen.

Things to do before you start with the troubleshooting process

  • Please check if you are using the latest version of QuickBooks. (Current latest version is QuickBooks desktop 2024)
  • Check if the issue is with the file or the program:
    • Press and keep the CTRL key down and open QuickBooks Desktop by clicking on the icon.
    • If the software doesn’t open, the issue is with QuickBooks Desktop.
    • If it opens, proceed with the next step.
  • The QuickBooks File in question should only be hosted on one system on the network. Turn off hosting for all other systems before proceeding further.
  • Also, go to File > Click on Utilities > Click on “Stop hosting multiuser access” option.
  • After this, move on to perform the troubleshooting steps.

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Steps to Solve Can’t open your company file in QuickBooks Desktop problem

You can try out the below given DIY methods to fix QuickBooks desktop can’t open company file error. All the steps given below are easy to perform, and require attention.

Method 1: Updating QuickBooks Desktop

  • At first, you need to open QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Then press F2 key on the keyboard to open the Product information window.
Product Information 2022 - Screenshot Image
  • Verify your QuickBooks version and release.

Option 1:

You can set up automatic updates to keep you QuickBooks Desktop updated.

  • Under this, you need to go to Help menu and then click on Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • After that, hit a click on Update Now tab. (You can click and check the Reset Update checkbox to clear all previous update downloads.)
  • Following that, select Get Updates option and start the download.
Update Now Option When Updating QuickBooks - Image
  • Now wait for the download to finish and then reboot your QuickBooks.
  • When prompted, you need to accept the install the new release option.

Option 2:

You can also schedule automatic updates to take place later on in case you don’t want to immediately download updates.

  • Initially, open the Help menu and then select Update QuickBooks Desktop option from the list.
Update QuickBooks Desktop 2024 - Screenshot
  • In the next step, go to the Options tab and select Yes to turn on automatic updates. (Select Yes for each system, If you wish to share automatic downloads with every computer on your network.)
Schedule automatic updates - Image
  • Followed by, checkmark on the Mark All opt to select all the updates.
  • Lastly, select Save and Close to apply the changes.

Option 3:

QuickBooks updates can also be performed manually.

  • Under this process, you need to download the latest updates from here.
  • After that, close your company files and then QuickBooks.
  • Moving ahead, press the Windows Start button and search for QuickBooks Desktop.
  • And then, hit a right-click on Desktop icon and select Run as administrator.
  • When you are still on the No Company Open screen, go to the Help menu
Update QuickBooks Desktop - Screenshot Image 1 (2)
  • In the next step, you need to select Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Once done with that, move to the Options tab and select Mark All.
  • Followed by hitting on Save.
  • Now click on Update Now tab and select the Reset Update checkbox.
  • Lastly, you need to tap on Get Updates option. That’s it!
Update QuickBooks desktop (Screenshot)

Reboot your computer when the installation is done.

Method 2: Turn off hosting on the system where you are unable to open the file

Skip this step If a network isn’t hosting your QuickBooks company and you don’t use Multi-User mode. If not, follow the steps as described herein.

It should ne noted that turning off the Host Multi-User Access option on your computers. These computers, connected to your network, don’t host your company files. The file should only be hosted by your server computer.

  • Kick start the process by opening the QuickBooks desktop on one workstation.
  • After that go to File menu and hover over Utilities (Don’t yet open your company file)
Navigate Utilities Option - Screenshot
  • If the “Host Multi-User Access” option is visible, don’t select it and move on to the next workstation. This computer isn’t causing the problem.
  • Select If you see the Stop Hosting Multi-User Access option, in the new workstation.
Stop Hosting Multi-User Access - Screenshot Image
  • Repeat the above-mentioned steps on all of your workstations.

Next, move on to the computer that hosts your company file.

  • Open QuickBooks software on your server computer.
  • And then, go to the File menu and hover over Utilities tab.
  • In the next step, you need to select the Host Multi-User Access is an option (if available).
  • Also, change the setting and repeat the process.
  • Now select Stop Hosting Multi-User Access option to reset Multi-user Mode. (It will make multi-user mode start over.)
  • Repeat the process once again and select Host Multi-User Access this time and also tap on Yes.
Host multi-user access - Screenshot Image
  • Once you’ve done everything, try again to open the company file.

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Method 3: Rename the QBWUSER.INI file

  • Under this method, you need to firstly move to Organize tab in your window and click on Folder and Search options.
  • Moving ahead, click on View tab and select Show hidden files, folders, or drives.
  • And further, click on Apply and then Ok button.
Show hidden files and folders - Screenshot Image
  • Once done with that, you need to open Windows File Manager and move to User Data folder.
  • Followed by, open QuickBooks file directory from here and locate the QBWUSER.INI file.
  • Once the folder found, hit a right-click on it and select Rename option.
  • Now add any other extension to the end of the file and save it.
  • Hopefully the above mentioned methods has fixed problems when your QuickBooks company file won’t open.

Method 4: Check the company file you’re opening

Different types of QuickBooks extensions - Image

QuickBooks Desktop has many types of company files with different different types of extensions. Every extension has it’s different role. Make sure you open a company file (QBW) with a .qbw extension at the end of the filename. Other file types, such as backups (QBB) and portable files (QBM) can’t be pulled up in the same manner.

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Method 5: Change the file location

Perform this step if the issue persists even after trying out all the above mentioned tips.

  • Begin the process by navigating to your C Drive and create a new folder.
  • Next, open the company file folder location.
  • Press and hold CTRL down and select the company file at the same time.
Change the file location - Image
  • Copy the file and paste it in New folder.

Method 6: Change the name of the .TLG and .ND files for your company file

  • Firstly, you need to go to QuickBooks Company file folder location.
  • After that, select the transaction file log and do a right-click.
  • Followed by, rename the company file (OLD.qbw.TLG).
Rename the .nd files and the .tlg files - Image
  • Now, open the file.
  • The accounting software should itself create files of the .TLG and .ND extensions.
  • Don’t lose or delete these files as they come handy in recovering lost data.

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Method 7: Turn off the option for automatic opening of QuickBooks Windows

If you have several Windows or large reports that open automatically when you open QuickBooks Desktop, it can freeze or slow down the software during the startup process.

  • Initially, open your QuickBooks desktop.
  • When the No Company Open window is up, find and select your company file.
  • Press and hold the ALT key down and select Open.
  • Once the file opens, go to the Edit menu and select Preferences.
Turn off the option for automatic opening of QuickBooks Windows - Image
  • Later on, select the Desktop View tab and then Don’t Save the desktop option.
  • Now press OK and close and reopen QuickBooks.
  • Lastly, you need to open your company file again.

If your file still doesn’t open, move on to the next step.

Method 8: Change your file properties

  • At first, you need to click on the Windows Start key and open File Explorer.
  • After that, search for and find your company file. It looks like this: [Your company name].qbw.
  • Do a right-click on the company file and select Properties.
  • Followed by, you need to select Advanced. and then uncheck the Compress and Encrypt checkboxes.
Do Not Save Encrypted Pages to Disk - Image
  • Once done, hit a click on OK and reopen QuickBooks and your company file.
  • If your QuickBooks company file still doesn’t open, move on to last step.

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Method 9: Run a repair

Move your QuickBooks company file to another computer and see if it opens. If it does, the problem is with your computer. In that case you can perform the following troubleshooting steps on your first computer.

Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

You can run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool from the QuickBooks Tool Hub program. This program is a set of multiple of tools and help you to fix many errors. If you don’t already have an updated and most recent version of Tools Hub installed on your Windows, install it and then run it. See if the file open. If not, move on to the next option.

Run a repair on your installation files

QuickBooks file doctor from tool hub - Screenshot Image

You already have installed diagnostic tool in the previous step. Now, run Quick Fix my File and file doctor tool one by one and then open your company file.


We reach to a conclusion and hope that the steps listed in this article helped you in fixing can’t open company file QuickBooks desktop. However, if the issue still persists, then contact an IT expert. You can also reach our 24*7 QuickBooks error support team via our direct line i.e., 1(800)761-1787. Our certified experts are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology and help you with company file related or any other accounting related issues. Reach us anytime and get all your issues sorted out.


How do I fix company file issues in QuickBooks desktop?

Company file and network related issues can be easily resolved by using QuickBooks File Doctor and verify and rebuild tool.

Why can’t I open my QuickBooks Company file?

There can be many reasons behind to not opening the company files. Most common ones are if you have damaged company file or company file has corrupted data.

What is company file extension in QuickBooks?

The company files have a .qbw extension.

How do I set the maximum number of company files in QuickBooks?

Try these quick steps to set the maximum number of company files:
1. Open your QuickBooks and login to any available file on the server.
2. After that go to File menu and select Open Previous Company.
3. Now here you can set the number of previous companies and select the number of files.
4. To save the changes, select Ok. That’s it!


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