QuickBooks program has been experiencing recurring impairment due to diversified technical issues. A plethora of these error codes are encountered when users try to update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest version. Several users have been lately experiencing the error message which states “No Version of QuickBooks was found to update”. There are a multifold of factors that can embolden this update error, including, incorrect date and time, obstruction caused by third-party programs running in the background, and a myriad of other intangible factors. The current discussion encompasses the multiple causes of No version of QuickBooks was found to update error, and in the subsequent sections, users shall master the art of troubleshooting this update error through updated troubleshooting methods. So, keep reading!

Main Causes that can trigger ‘No Version of QuickBooks was found to update’ error

Main Causes that can trigger No Version of QuickBooks was found to update error:

  • System date and time may be incorrect at the time of updating QuickBooks.
  • The previous installation of QuickBooks was incomplete.
  • Third party programs operating in the background could hamper the update process.
  • Virus or malware may have damaged QuickBooks files.
  • Multiple instances of QuickBooks running simultaneously.
  • Notably, the error could also appear in consonance with other QuickBooks update errors like Error 12045, Error series 6xxx, and Error series 15xxx.

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Multiple Way Outs to Tackle – No Version of QuickBooks Was Found to Update Error

After traversing a broad spectrum of causes which could trigger the update related-error message “No version of QuickBooks was found to update”, it is now time to venture into the different strategies that can fix this QuickBooks Update Errors.

Method 1: Rectification of System Date and Time

The first viable and simple approach for resolving No version of QuickBooks was found to update error is to correct system date and time.

  • For this, initially check the system date and time on the taskbar. If the same shows any deviation from the present date and time, then right-click at the date and time notice bar.
  • Follow up by choosing the option to Adjust date/time.
Change Data and Time in Windows - Image
  • The date and time window will appear on the screen. Herein, users are required to make the necessary corrections to the date and time and also adjust the time zone correctly.
  • When all the foregoing steps have been complied with, hit on Apply and then click on OK tab.
  • Now, re-open QuickBooks and try to Update it again from the Help tab.
Update QuickBooks desktop to Latest - Image

Method 2: Restore Advanced Internet Settings

Incorrect system settings could also potentially trigger this update error in QuickBooks. In such circumstances, users should revert back to the original internet settings. The steps to restore advanced internet settings are:

  • Initially, open QuickBooks as an admin and proceed by clicking on the Help tab.
  • When that is done, head to the Internet Connection Setup option.
  • Herein, click on the option to Use Internet Connection Settings for establishing connection when the application accesses the Internet.
Use my computer's Internet connection settings - Image
  • Following that, proceed by hitting on Next, and then click on Advanced Connection Settings.
  • Subsequently, head to the Advanced tab. From here, the user is required to click on the Restore Advanced Settings option.
Restore advanced settings - Screenshot Image
  • Once done, hit on Ok and culminate the process by clicking on Done tab.

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Method 3: Close other instances of QuickBooks running in the background

Close QBW32.exe process - Screenshot
  • Check if any other session of QuickBooks is open.
  • Close it, and after that, give the update process another try.
  • This should fix the error.
  • Also, go to the “Task Manager” (Ctrl + Alt + Del)
  • End all tasks related to QuickBooks that are open.
  • Do the same for processes as well.

Method 4: Running Quick Fix My Program Feature

QuickBooks Tool Hub is a haven of impeccable features that aim at eradicating any technical glitches and snags that aim at disrupting the functionalities of QuickBooks. To use this feature, users should follow the guidelines given below:

  • In the beginning, download the QuickBooks Tool Hub upon navigating to the official website of Intuit.
  • Following that, install the tool by double-clicking on its downloaded .exe file.
  • Now, the user is required to run the tool and then proceed to the Program Problems tab.
Program Problems tab in tool hub - Screenshot Image
  • Subsequent to that, click on the Quick Fix My Program tab.
  • Allow the feature to scan QuickBooks to diagnose and fix any issues existing within the accounting program. When the scan is done, run QuickBooks as an administrator and then try to update the program again.
run as admin-screenshot

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Method 5: Running QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Another composite feature of the Tool Hub program is the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool. To use the tool for fixing No version of QuickBooks was found to update error, the user should abide by the below given procedures:

  • Run Tool Hub program. If not already installed in the previous troubleshooting method, download the tool from Intuit and subsequently install it.
  • Following that, the user is required to proceed to the Installation Issues tab and then click on the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool
  • Allow the tool to scan for any installation issues. The tool will also scan for any aberrations in the Windows components and will fix the same automatically.
  • Once done with the scan, make an exit from the Tool Hub and run QuickBooks as an admin.
  • Head to the Help tab and then proceed by clicking on the option to Update QuickBooks Desktop.
Update Now Option When Updating QuickBooks - Image
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and then hit on the Get updates tab.

Winding up!

The current blog presented a detailed description of the update error message “No version of QuickBooks was found to update” and also provided an insight into the various methods for fixing such update errors. If you need further help in this context, or are facing any other issue while running or updating QuickBooks, just give our QuickBooks error support professionals a call at the helpline 1-800-615-2347.


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