Are you trying to work with QuickBooks and came across an odd error? In that situation, you don’t worry, as we are here to help you. Unexpected error C=272 in QuickBooks can be a quite common error that can be observed when running the QuickBooks verify data tool or rebuild data utility within the system. This error can disrupt the entire process, and can cause further delays. The results of this error are so severe that it is essential to fix the issue as soon as you can. If you’re experiencing this issue, then this piece of technical writing could be of immense help to you. In this article, we’ll discuss the causes and solutions that will fix the QuickBooks error message C=272. Therefore, it is essential to take the time to read the article thoroughly.

A different option is to talk to an expert team or experts who can work for you and help you to resolve QuickBooks error C=272 for you. You can contact us anytime via our dedicated support number i.e., 1-800-761-1787 or our QuickBooks Enterprise support team will be there to assist you. Assistance is available round all hours!

What triggers QuickBooks database error C=272?

The causes of the QuickBooks error code C=272 can be many, out of which we have listed below some of the most common ones:

  • This error can be seen due to data damage.
  • In case you tries to navigate a report or similar type of data then such an error could be seen.
  • If you tries to move a report or report like data.
  • If the data file gets damaged or distorted
  • This error can also occurs when 1099 & W2 forms are printed.
  • In case running the memorized report was produced by earlier QB version and couldn’t convert appropriately.

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Steps to Troubleshoot the QuickBooks Unexpected Error C=272

Now that you know the basics of the QuickBooks error message C=272, it is the right time to learn the processes to resolve the issue. Let us have a look:

Step 1: Try to open QuickBooks sample company file

  • You are required to open and press CTRL simultaneously.
  • When the No company open window appears then release the CTRL tab.
No company open window - Screenshot
  • If the error occurs before No company open window appears on the screen, then it is recommended to move onto the Next step.
  • Now press Open sample file option and select a Sample file from the list.
  • Hit a click on Open sample file option and then click on Sample file from the list.
Open a Sample Company File - Screenshot
  • Next step is to click on Open sample file option and then click on Sample file from the list.
  • The final step is to open the sample company file.

Note: It should be taken into consideration that If the sample company file is opened without showing an error message, then you’ll need to go to verifying and re-building QuickBooks company data or restore the company file from backup. Whereas, if an error appears in the opening of the sample file for your company, then proceed onto the following given steps.

Step 2: Disabling Windows 10 compatibility mode through QuickBooks desktop shortcut icon

‘Windows 10 compatibility-screenshot
  • In this step, you need to right click the QuickBooks shortcut icon.
  • After that choose Properties opt.
Choose Properties in QuickBooks - Screenshot
  • Hit a click on Compatibility tab.
Choose Compatibility Tab - Screenshot
  • And ensure to un-mark the checkbox that says run program in compatibility.
Choose Compatibility Tab - Screenshot
  • Now hit on OK button.
  • Followed by pressing Cancel option and moving to the next step.

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Step 3: Disabling Windows compatibility for qbw32.exe file

disable windows compatibility-screenshot
  • In the third step, you need to hit a right click on the QB icon on the Windows desktop.
  • Hit a click on Properties.
  • Moving ahead, you need to open the QuickBooks installation folder and then select the Shortcut icon and then hit find target option.
  • Also press right click on the QBW32.EXE and select the Properties tab.
Disabling windows compatibility for qbw32.exe file - Screenshot
  • Choose the Compatibility icon.
  • Followed by clearing the checkbox stating run this program in the Compatibility mode.
QuickBooks in Compatibility Tab - Screenshot
  • You will then have to click on OK tab and then choose Cancel.
  • Shutdown Windows explorer.
  • Turn off the QuickBooks desktop shortcut properties window.

Step 4: Open QuickBooks and company file

Open QuickBooks and company file-screenshot

Once you are done with all of the above steps, it is the right time to open QuickBooks software and the company file and ensure that the error is resolved completely.

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To wrap up!

We are now at the conclusion of this article and we hope that the solution steps given above will be very helpful in solving the QuickBooks error code C=272. We’ve attempted to summarize the methods to fix the error in this article, However, if you’re still facing the issue or need any other type of assistance then contact our QuickBooks support experts via our support line, i.e., 1-800-761-1787 to find a feasible solution.

Our experts uses the latest cutting-edge tools and technology to fix your problems utmost. You can discuss your query directly with our professionals, and they will guide you with the best possible methods to get rid of the error immediately.


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